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Sope Creek Paper Mill Ruins

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

Sope Creek Paper Mill Ruins, Brook Hollow Cir, Marietta, GA 30067


Sope Creek Mill is amazing location with great atmosphere. The Chattahoochee River cuts between the two ruin locations giving us plenty of prime spots for truly memorable photos. You have the main ruin area which is easily accessible by a foot path and a more remote ruin location that is across the Chattahoochee River.


Sope Creek Mill can be very busy at times depending on the weather. This is a popular location for hikers so parking can quickly disappear on those perfect weather days. The walking distance to the two ruins can also be a lot for smaller kids or older folks. The main ruin which is the easier of the two to access can take around 10 minutes or so to walk to. This gives us plenty of opportunities to capture some candid moments along the way but it can be a make or break for kids who just want to get it all over with. The second ruin location is best for teens or adults who are in good shape.


Small families or families with older children and engagement shoots are probably best for this location. I wouldn't recommend the second ruin location to anyone with children or anyone who is not up for climbing.


Sope Creek Mill is a unique location with lots to offer. Plenty of different areas around the ruins to snap that perfect picture. However if you are looking for a spot where you and your family can run free this is probably not the ideal spot.

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