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Poole's Mill

Poole's Mill Bridge Park, 7725 Pooles Mill Rd, Ball Ground, GA 30107


Poole's Mill has an amazing covered bridge. I could end right there. It's a fantastic spot that I never get sick of. Its fun taking new clients to this location and watching them perk right up when they lay their eyes upon the old Poole's Mill covered bridge. The site of it immediately brings a smile to their faces. The focal piece of the photos is always the people in them but when you throw those same people into the middle of a 100 year old bridge the photo becomes next level.


Their isn't a whole lot to dislike about Poole's Mill. I've used this location for many of my shoots and really the only con I can think of is when it's busy. This is only happened a few times to me and really it's not that big of a deal. Most people recognize what you are doing and they can be very accommodating. You just have to go with the flow when their is a lot of people around.

The only other con that comes to mind is the graffiti. Unlike Roswell Mill the covered bridge down at Poole's Mill seems to attract all the artists. Mostly high schoolers proclaiming their ever lasting love for one another by way of a plus sign. This is nothing a little Photoshop can't handle thou but most seem to find it to be a unique addition to their photos. Also I do a very good job a scanning the photos to make sure nothing inappropriate makes it into the final edit.


Poole's Mill is perfect for all types of photoshoots. From family to engagement it really has something for everyone.


Poole's Mill is my go to spot for any type of photography. The small little playground near the bridge is a great way to bribe the little tykes into behaving for the duration of the photoshoot or even using it as part of the actual shoot and the covered bridge is possibly the best thing. It's a very versatile location that never seems to get old every time I go back.

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