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Having A Ball In Ball Ground

215 Valley Street, Ball Ground, GA 30107

Took the three boys on a small adventure down the road to good ole Ball Ground for a spur of the moment Stand By Me inspired photoshoot. No dead body was found but fun was had regardless.

This was my first time shooting anything in Ball Ground and I couldn't have been happier with the way it turned out. Not only was the weather just right but Oliver, Clark and Hal were in perfect moods which is rare when I want to take photos. Typically if we have to drive anywhere to take photos the trip must consist of one melt down on the way there, two melt downs while there and the end of everything they know on the way back from there. Not this time. Everything sailed smoothly along.

The few times I have driven through Ball Ground I've noticed that it is usually extremely busy. The downtown of Ball Ground is very small but it seems to be the place to be when the sun is shining on the weekends. So I purposely picked an overcast and slightly rainy day knowing that most people would bail on photoshoots or walking around checking out the local scene. The boys were also on spring break so hitting Ball Ground around 11 on a week day made sure that nobody would be around to slow us down.

We had to make a quick stop at Sprallmart to pick up some plain white tees before the shoot which would later be destroyed by pizza and small packages of ketchup. So financially speaking the shoot was a loss. Memory speaking this shoot was a hit and that is what really matters.

Head on over to the KIDDOS page to view a few of the hundred photos I snapped off of the days events.

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